I know that I’m stupid for still loving you. I know that nothing would ever be the same even if we picked up from where we left off. I know that we are both tired from fighting for this. I know that we shouldn’t have given up. I know that we should have just stayed. I know that we will see each…

When we were together I took the time
to study each arch within the confines
of your body, and what I had discovered
was something that could not possibly
be mimicked. When my body collapsed
against yours it was like we were the waves
in the sea; a force that is beyond control.
And without hesitation, I lost myself
in the textures of your skin.
But unlike the tides in the ocean,
we never knew which direction
we were heading in. We were always
pointing to different horizons,
and we never could see beyond ourselves
to find our way back to safety.
I’ve been preparing myself
for something like this, and we both know
that I have always craved the presence
of another person with the ability to capture
my attention in the ways that you can.
But so far, it’s been impossible.
It’s been a constant battle
between settling for second-best,
or waiting for you to come home.
So for now I will lay out my feelings
on the dining room table
and hope that when you return
you will see that I never gave up,
or let my heart cave in from the pain
that you have caused me
when you decided that our love might never
be enough to keep your hunger satisfied.
"Our final attempt at love," - Colleen Brown & Mariah Gordon-Dyke (via mostlyfiction)
When I am lonely for boys it’s their bodies I miss. I study their hands lifting the cigarettes in the darkness of the movie theaters, the slope of a shoulder, the angle of a hip. Looking at them sideways, I examine them in different lights. My love for them is visual: that is the part of them I would like to possess. Don’t move, I think. Stay like that, let me have that.
Margaret Atwood
You have absolutely no regard but yourself and your damned kicks. All you think about is what’s hanging between your legs and how much money or fun you can get out of people and then you just throw them aside. Not only that but you’re silly about it. It never occurs to you that life is serious and that there are people trying to make something decent out of it instead of just goofing all the time.
Jack Kerouac, On the Road: The Original Scroll (via theunquotables)
Almost every time I put something out, there’s the word ‘too’ put in front of it - too pop, too country, too rock. So I’ve kinda stopped worrying about it. I’d rather be too something than not enough something.
Taylor Swift